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Youth and Climate Governance
in Asia and the Pacific

What to expect in this compendium?

An overview of youth and climate in Asia and the Pacific

An introduction to the Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform (YECAP)

Country best practices under:

  • ​Advocacy and Awareness Raising

  • Strengthening Youth Political Participation

  • Building the Capacity of Youth and Government

  • Fostering Youth Innovation

  • Strengthening the Research and Evidence Base

Recommendations and next steps

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Compendium (noun): a brief summary of a larger work or of a field of knowledge

Asia and the Pacific is home to almost two-thirds of humanity, with the highest estimated number of children and youth in the world, constituting approximately 60% of the world’s youth population.

Rising sea levels threaten to submerge our land, including this very city where we stand today, changing weather patterns affect food security, and frequent floods and disasters affect the most vulnerable communities, undermining hard-won gains in sustainable development and for our future. Meanwhile, the region produced over half of the global greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 and will continue rising. Additionally, COVID-19 and the economic crisis have pushed 85 million people into extreme poverty.

Young people have grown up with the climate crisis and this is the stark reality that they now face at every turn. They no longer wish to hold onto feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Young people are dedicated and committed to climate action. They recognize the power and strength that they have as a collective: their innovativeness, their drive, and their fearlessness.


Young people are ready to be included in the conversation for their present and their futures. They urge everyone to have the courage and strength needed to act now to care for the needs of the future. The race to net zero should leave no one behind.

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