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YECAP Climate Action Week 2022

Date: 16-20 March 2022

Organizers: Organized by YECAP Fellows by engaging young people with the support from the YECAP Action Committee including all YECAP Co-conveners to introduce knowledge, tools and guidance to take climate action in locally rooted communities and to connect youth individuals and communities across Asia and the Pacific.


  1. Engage in meaningful conversations with experts from the fields of sustainable energy, climate change research, impact evaluation;

  2. Address the climate change reality that affects and threatens the futures to young environmental human rights activists;

  3. Bring in the diverse perspectives of people from vulnerable communities, including Indigenous peoples; and

  4. Introduce the Road to Stockholm+50 Regional Dialogue on Youth Empowerment in Climate Action.

Delegates: Over 500 participants over the week 

  • Young climate activists and professionals, from backgrounds including research, non-Profit, science-policy interface, and policy

  • Other Youth Networks focusing on issues of climate change, biodiversity, energy, and oceans; minorities, gender issues, disabilities, economy and finance, media and others that are relevant to climate change issues

Speakers: Over 20 speakers from Asia and the Pacific

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