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YECAP Unconference #3

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Date and Time: 20 January 2023 from 14:00-16:00 (GMT+7)

Organizer: Organized by YECAP Fellows, bringing young people from diverse youth networks working on various climate issues

Summary: YECAP Unconference #3 is a virtual event open to youth between the ages of 18 and 35. It will be held over a period of 120 minutes with young climate activists and professionals across the Asia-Pacific region. Moving beyond the traditional conference format, the Unconference is fully participant-led and participant-driven.

This year, we envision a brighter, greener, and newer form of hope for all youth. Through YECAP Unconference #3, our aim is to meaningfully engage with more youth in Asia and the Pacific to discuss climate change impacts, freely exchange knowledge, and establish a strong youth in climate action network. Join us!


  • Find innovative ideas that can be useful in tackling the climate crisis;

  • Explore and discover timely youth sentiments and priorities on various climate consequences through relatable themes and tracks;

  • Initiate youth-led conversations on pressing climate issues and challenges to a meaningful solution;

  • Connect youth from different countries, groups, networks, and backgrounds across the Asia Pacific in YECAP for important climate conversations.

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YECAP Unconference #2

On 28 February 2022, YECAP Fellows organized the YECAP Unconference #2 to bring young people from diverse youth networks working on various issues within the scope of climate change, including biodiversity, energy and ocean conservation on the same platform. Unlike the traditional conferences, YECAP Unconference focuses on encouraging a fully participant-led and participant-driven conference which allows everyone to generate ideas, share their opinions and contribute to the whole discussion without having the fear that their voice is not going to get heard. 240 youths across Asia and the Pacific joined the event.

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YECAP Unconference #1

On 29 April 2021, YECAP Fellows organized the YECAP Unconference #1. The objectives of Unconference #1 were to include more youth, particularly in the Asia Pacific Region to engage in conversations on climate change, exchange information freely, build up a strong network and plan to take concrete actions. Moreover, as part of the activities initiated by YECAP, this unconference connected youth participants to the platform for more empowerment on their potential or ongoing climate action. This unconference covered a variety of hot topics related to climate change, including: Climate change and Gender Equality, Climate change and Energy, Climate change and Sustainable lifestyles, Climate change and Indigenous Community, Climate change and Health, Climate change and Biodiversity. 316 youth across Asia and the Pacific joined the event.

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