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Viet Nam Hosted Stockholm+50 Consultations in Collaboration with Embassy of Sweden

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Viet Nam hosted national consultations and regional youth consultations with more than 100 youth participants in the lead-up to Stockholm+50

UNDP Stockholm+50 orientation

UNDP Viet Nam, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Viet Nam, organized and facilitated national consultations and regional youth consultations in April 2022 to stimulate an inclusive whole-of-society and whole-of-government dialogue on the main themes of the Stockholm+50 conference in relation to the national context.

UNDP Stockholm+50 orientation participants

The main objective was to deliver a meaningful and interactive consultation process and synthesis report to inform the Stockholm+50 preparations and national debates that build synergies with the Paris Agreement and its NDC, NBSAP, Green Growth and SDGs processes. The ongoing national process towards net-zero 2050 targets was emphasized, and Viet Nam's consultative work would help build the momentum to a just and sustainable transition in the country.

UNDP Stockholm+50 orientation participants

In addition to the overall national multi-stakeholder consultations, Viet Nam hosted a dedicated consultative process for youth. Young people are the next generations of country leaders as well as the most affected group by the increasing climate and environmental threats. This process was created to give sufficient space and opportunities to Vietnamese youth, to share their visions and future aspirations with national and world leaders. The youth consultations were organized from 5 to 25 April 2022, including an online youth survey, three regional youth consultations, and online discussions on SparkBlue.

UNDP Stockholm+50 virtual orientation participants

The three virtual regional youth consultations took place in the North on 13 April, in the South on 16 April, and in the Central on 17 April. They were organized with participation of more than 100 young people in total. An online survey was also released to gather the voices of young people across the country on climate action and future generations.

UNDP Stockholm+50 orientation participants

As a result, a Youth Mini Report on “Trái đất này là của chúng mình” meaning, "This is our planet earth" will be written by youth and for youth, with key youth propositions to the National Stockholm+50 report and alignment with the three leadership dialogues, considering the online youth survey and three regional consultation events. A Youth4Climate Roadmap will also be updated with the latest youth positions on the net-zero target and their expected plan of action towards the upcoming NDC revision of Viet Nam and COP27.

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