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Vietnam and Friends (VAF)


Vietnam and Friends (VAF) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization established to help disadvantaged people, particularly children, improve their living conditions, gain independence, and secure a safe future. The organization addresses various issues faced by vulnerable individuals in Vietnamese society, including poverty, disabilities, social injustice, and prejudices. VAF provides unofficial education and training, assists in job placement, and empowers individuals to believe in themselves.

Engagement Mode

Youth-led & Youth-targeting

Age Group

Geographical Coverage


All youth

Key Highlights


SDG Goals

1: No poverty
4: Quality education
5: Gender equality
8: Decent work and economic growth
10: Reduced inequality
13: Climate action

Engagement Context

Youth-led & Youth-targeting

Theme of Work

Activism - environmental justice
Climate education
Public understanding and awareness

Established Year

January 1, 2011

Work with Marginalised Groups

Geographical Coverage


Related Projects & work

Xuan Thuy National Park Project

The main goals of the volunteers are to support the park and its staff wherever and however they can. Every kind of work inside the parks administration area, and also eco-logical, scientific work inside the protected national park area can be done by the volunteers.
This kind of work cannot be planned ahead, the volunteers will have to be ready at the start of working time at 8 am and ask and look for work. The amount of work also de-pends on the season, because there are certain seasons when more birds are present, so that a higher number of tourists book tours and come to watch these birds. So this kind of work depends always on time situation, season etc.

Vietnam and Friends (VAF)

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