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Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice 2022

Organizers: UNEP, OHCHR, UNICEF and UNDP along with the CSOs

Summary: From 28-30 May 2022, children and young people from around the Asia Region participated in the first-ever Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice for Children, Youth and Future Generations to present to adults their perspectives, ideas and concerns about climate justice for children and youth in the Asia Region.


The Regional Dialogue offered a dedicated space for children and youth in Asia to discuss climate and environmental advocacy strategies and provide a platform for them to share their local and national experiences with climate change advocacy work.


Children and youth also had the opportunity to share good practices and experience with youth representation in negotiations and decision-making processes at regional and global levels, participate in an orientation on risk assessment for youth advocates, give their input for Stockholm+50, and learn about what the Committee on the Rights of the Child is doing to prepare General Comment 26 on children’s rights and the environment, with a special focus on climate change and how they can contribute their input.

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