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Vietnam Green Innovation Joint Stock Company (GreenIN)


Vietnam Green Innovation Joint Stock Company (GREEN IN) is a social enterprise aiming to promote sustainable energy in Vietnam. GREEN IN operates under the Social Enterprise model with a business commitment for registered social and environmental goals, aiming to solve the problem of environmental pollution and effective management of natural resources.
GREEN IN aims at sustainable development for the Vietnamese people based on the application of technological solutions and green, innovative, creative and breakthrough production methods. At the same time, applying advanced management methods to effectively use natural resources and reduce environmental pollution.

Engagement Mode


Age Group

Geographical Coverage



Key Highlights


SDG Goals

6: Clean water and sanitation
7: Affordable and clean energy
11: Sustainable cities and communities
12: Responsible consumption and production
13: Climate action

Engagement Context


Theme of Work

Public understanding and awareness

Established Year

January 1, 2018

Work with Marginalised Groups

Geographical Coverage


Related Projects & work

Seminar "Renewable Energy - Future Trend at University of Education"

The seminar not only brought useful knowledge related to energy, current and future energy transition trends, but was also an extremely meaningful and useful conversation with sharing and experiences. Valuable experience and multi-dimensional views of the speakers on issues surrounding renewable energy.
And perhaps, after the seminar, the students will receive not only useful new knowledge and answers to lingering questions, but also valuable experiences - preparation for their careers. future. In particular, for students majoring in Natural Sciences, History - Geography, the topic of this Seminar is "The role of renewable energy and application of knowledge about renewable energy in pedagogy." ” will help you a lot in teaching lessons on climate change.

Vietnam Green Innovation Joint Stock Company (GreenIN)

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