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Vietnam NGO's Climate Change Working Group (CCWG)


CCWG Vietnam, established in 2008, is a network that brings together international and Vietnamese NGOs, development agencies, and professionals to address climate change. With over 100 NGO members, its mission is to reduce vulnerability to climate change by advocating for sustainable and socially just responses. CCWG focuses on coordination, advocacy, capacity building, and thematic activities such as awareness, adaptation, and mitigation. They engage with the government and international donors to promote pro-poor climate change policies and financing.

Engagement Mode

Age Group

Geographical Coverage


All youth

Key Highlights


SDG Goals

1: No poverty
10: Reduced inequality
13: Climate action
17: Partnership for the goals

Engagement Context

Theme of Work

Activism - regulatory and enforcement
Public understanding and awareness

Established Year

January 1, 2008

Work with Marginalised Groups

Geographical Coverage


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Vietnam NGO's Climate Change Working Group (CCWG)

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