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Vietnam Recycles


Vietnam Recycles is a free electronic waste take-back and recycling program initiated by electronic manufacturers in order to express the manufacturers’ responsibilities to the environment and community in take back and recycling of used or electronic devices in a safe, professional and environmentally-friendly manner.

Engagement Mode


Age Group

Geographical Coverage


All youth

Key Highlights


SDG Goals

13: Climate action
14: Life below water
15: Life on land

Engagement Context


Theme of Work

Climate education
Public understanding and awareness

Established Year


Work with Marginalised Groups

Geographical Coverage


Related Projects & work

Ambassador school programme

In collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Vietnam Recycles launched a program to propagate and collect e-waste at 11 universities and international universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
Vietnam Recycles has trained students to become program ambassadors at each participating school. The organisation has been working with the ambassadors to raise awareness of students about the importance of a safe & professional e-waste recycling process for the environment and the community. At the same time, the ambassadors can represent the program to collect e-waste and receive a reward based on the amount collected.

Vietnam Recycles

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