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YECAP Introductory Session to Kickstart YECAP Climate Negotiators Training this May

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The YECAP Introductory Session was held virtually to introduce participants to the YECAP Climate Negotiators Training happening this May

screenshots of a zoom event participants

The Introductory Online Session under the YECAP Training Programme was held virtually on 19 April 2023 to introduce participants to the YECAP Climate Negotiators Training Programme happening this May and upcoming online sessions on the Road to COP28.

The YECAP Training Programme is implemented by RCC Asia Pacific in collaboration with YOUNGO, the International Youth Climate Movement (UNFCCC's Children and Youth Constituency), to enhance the understanding of young leaders of UNFCCC negotiation process on key climate areas and increase opportunities for young people to be more involved in international, regional, and national climate negotiations. This will enable youth to contribute substantively to youth-inclusive national climate policies and generate new ideas and initiatives to drive climate action on the ground.

In addition to the planned in-person climate negotiators training in May 2023, the aim of this training programme is to give an opportunity to participants to receive guidance and support from experts who will share their experiences and insights on various aspects of climate action, negotiation, and sustainability.

Within this background, the Introductory Session aimed to introduce the participants to several dimensions of the Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform (YECAP) Programme.

Benita Gurung, in her role as the Regional Lead of RCC Asia and the Pacific, introduced the team and activities of RCC Asia Pacific. This was followed by an introduction of participants by Taimoor Siddiqui (IUNV: Youth engagement Coordinator).

Banashri Sinha (Climate Change Specialist) moderated the session and provided an overview of YECAP Training Programme with specific details for the upcoming in-person event in May. Then Saumya Surbhi (YECAP Young Environmental Human Rights Defenders Coordinator) provided the participants with an overview of YECAP Programme and shared interesting achievements and updates, including opportunities for them to stay engaged with YECAP.

Lorenzo Santucci, Secretary of ESCAP Commission, shared the agenda of the upcoming 79th Commission Session with specific details on the opportunities for this group, including their participation as “Observers” and the Youth Statement to be delivered at the Opening session by two nominated YECAP trainees.

Action for Climate Empowerment or ACE is a window of opportunity for the Youth to engage in the UNFCCC Process. Hence, Fleur Newmann, Team Lead of Gender, and Youth, introduced the four priority areas under the Glasgow work programme on ACE which are supported by activities under the action plan agreed at COP27.

Jens Radschinski, the outgoing Regional Lead and the new Regional Article 6 Expert moderated the final Question and Answer session and provided further information of the expected outcomes from this training programme.

Overall, the Introductory online session programme was a valuable platform for young people to get to know other participants in the programme, learn from their experiences, and start developing their skills and knowledge necessary to become effective advocates for climate action and sustainability. The ultimate aim of the YECAP Climate Negotiators Training programme is to increase opportunities for young people to be more involved in international, regional, and national climate negotiations.


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