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China Held Virtual Road to Stockholm+50 Youth Consultation Workshop for 30 Youth Participants

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The Road to Stockholm+50 Youth Consultation Workshop in China convened 30 youth at the UN Compound, Beijing for online activities

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On 27 April 2022, the first day of Stockholm+50 Stakeholder Consultation concluded with a two-hour, virtual Road to Stockholm+50: Youth Consultation Workshop where 30 young climate activists from the government, research institutions, private sector and NGOs shared their opinions and recommendations for combatting climate change and protecting the planet.

Ahead of the workshop, Youth Activist Call For Application was open to public for youth climate activists to join the consultation workshop. A discussion was also held on SparkBlue, asking young people what actions that they and their group would take to scale up the change towards a healthy planet. The pre-workshop events were then followed by the virtual Road to Stockholm+50: Regional Dialogue on Youth Empowerment in Climate Action on 6-7 April which united more than 1,000 young people across Asia and the Pacific.

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The Road to Stockholm+50: Youth Consultation Workshop in China aimed to understand a shared global vision on how to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity for all while accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Multilateral Environment Agreements through an inclusive green recovery; offer clear recommendations for governments, civil society and the private sector on priority actions that can advance national and sectoral policies that address climate change and leverage nature-based solutions; and influence national and global debates that consider the views of all stakeholders.

Some of the key topics of discussion were SDG 13: Climate Action, multi-dimensional consequences of climate change, the global climate goals, NDCs (National Determined Contributions) and China’s Climate Pledges.

The young participants also split into groups for more specific dialogues on youth environmental and climate advocacy, including UNDP's efforts on climate action, youth empowerment and Leaving No One Behind (LNOB).

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Shared youth voices came from different roles of young people namely youth entrepreneurs, youth from private sectors, youth organizations and NGOs, youth climate activist and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and individuals or students.

The workshop wrapped up with a session on follow-up activities that young people would like to see from Stockholm+50. For a post-workshop event, more Youth Empowerment in Climate Action (YECAP) activities were held on WeChat.

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