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MIN MIN - Environmental Round Table


MIN MIN - Environmental Round Table has a mission to work towards the sustainable development goals of the United Nations SDG No.13,14,15. The objective is to give voice and raise youth awareness on environmental and climate topics.

Engagement Mode


Age Group

Geographical Coverage


All youth

Key Highlights


SDG Goals

13: Climate action
14: Life below water
15: Life on land

Engagement Context


Theme of Work

Climate education
Public understanding and awareness

Established Year

January 1, 2021

Work with Marginalised Groups

Geographical Coverage


Related Projects & work

Eco Talks 09 - Complete Economic Applicarion in Agriculture

If the linear economic model only cares about resource exploitation, production and disposal, which leads to massive waste, the circular economic model focuses on managing, resource regenerating at a time close circle to avoid creating waste, besides economic goals we set targets to extend material life and eliminate negative environmental impact.
In agriculture, the circular economy is manifested in closed cycle production through the application of advances of scientific engineering that makes waste, additives from cultivation to be recycled, Going back to be inputting material for growing and processing. That is what has made the circular economy the essential trend of future agricultural development, and provided solutions for the math of sustainable development in Vietnamese agriculture.

MIN MIN - Environmental Round Table

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