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Cambodia Hosted Consultation on Climate and Youth ahead of Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Movers Programme representatives from Cambodia hosted a Country Consultation on Climate and Youth

young people from cambodia attending an online event

Led by the Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform (YECAP) and YECAP Fellows, the Country Consultations are part of the key activities in the lead-up to the Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice for Children, Youth and Future Generations on 28-30 May 2022.

On 28 April 2022, Pengsan, Movers Envoy and Youth Engagement Manager at Impact Hub, Phnom Penh and Songhour Thav, Movers Community Builder and Movers Programme Lead at Impact Hub, Phnom Penh led and facilitated a virtual Country Consultation on Climate and Youth in the lead-up to Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice for Children, Youth and Future Generations.

A total of 20 youth participated and a few shared the reasons why they would like to speak on behalf of their peers at the Asia Regional Dialogue on Climate Justice.

"I want to mainly voice my opinion as a youth who is acquiring information and knowledge on climate justice. As a teenager, I believe I could deliver an impressive speech confidently. Becoming one of representatives can be a great way to further broaden my horizon and understanding of the culture differences," said one young participant.

"I would like to participate because I am a victim of the effects of climate change in the indigenous community and I want to voice the problems I face to others so that we can seek solutions together. Or so at least people will care about indigenous peoples. I also want to hear what other youth from different communities have to say about this issue so we can exchange ideas and perhaps apply those solutions to my community. I believe I can represent what people in my community face," said a youth activist from an Indigenous community.

The consultation began by discussing the perspectives and understanding of youth towards climate justice then invited the youth to brainstorm potential strategies as part of the solutions. Some dialogues were connected to Stockholm+50 Youth Task Force and the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all, including follow-up activities and recovering from COVID-19. Others reflected on the support for indigenous and female youth advocates and ongoing obstacles faced by them.

The participants listed a wide range of strategies, including social media campaigns, online and offline events, green businesses and entrepreneurial opportunities. They also stressed about organizing national events to introduce eco-friendly products campaigns and challenges in organizing recycling projects in local villages or schools. Other responses included funding opportunities to support young people in taking part in climate justice and other related activities.

The participants agreed that raising awareness about climate justice is an important tool that young people can use. Some of them also suggested other measures like following the 3R's - Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, spending time outdoor and constantly educating themselves through various workshops and events for young people. Lastly, the youth spoke on the need to have specific activities that can mobilize more youth in climate action.

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