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LCOY India 2023 Is Shaping Tomorrow's Climate Leaders

By Samia Parvez, Movers Envoy, capacity builder through facilitation, sustainability engagement enabler

young people gathering in a meeting room

The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) India 2023, held from 15-17 September, was a remarkable gathering that brought together young climate activists and enthusiasts from across India. As a delegate and an advocate for climate action, participating in this event was an enriching experience that left me inspired and equipped to drive meaningful change in our battle against climate change.

A Platform for Global Impact

One of the key takeaways from my participation in LCOY India 2023 was the incredible opportunity it provided to delve into global climate policies and their consequences. It was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to actively participate in shaping the future of climate action. At this event, I had the privilege of collaborating with like-minded individuals, all with the shared goal of crafting inventive solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.

Our collective efforts resulted in the drafting of recommendations for the India Statement, which will be presented at COP28 later this year. This statement gives voice to youth worldwide and plays an important role in influencing climate policies on a global scale. In essence, LCOY India empowered me to connect with passionate individuals, engage in meaningful discussions, and make a tangible impact on the global climate agenda.

Meaningful Youth Engagement

young people sitting at a table

One of the key aspects of LCOY India 2023 was the meaningful engagement of youth. Throughout the event, young participants were encouraged to actively participate in brainstorming sessions aimed at generating innovative solutions to address urgent climate challenges. These sessions were designed to foster group discussions, leading to the creation of ideas covering a wide array of topics within the India Statement.

These core themes included crucial areas like Energy Systems and Industry, Cities and Sustainable Infrastructure, Climate Finance, and Climate Justice and Human Rights, among others. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm and creativity of youth delegates as they passionately discussed and debated solutions to complex climate issues.

Additionally, youth delegates actively participated in dialogues concerning global climate policies and their potential consequences. They had the platform to express their concerns, advocate for specific policies, and provide valuable insights into strategies for addressing climate-related issues at multiple levels, from local to international.

Empowering Youth for Future Action

young people joining a meeting

The impact of LCOY India 2023 extends beyond the event itself. It serves as a catalyst for empowering youth in climate action moving forward. Here's how:

Voice Sharing: The event provided a pivotal platform for youth to share their voices and express their concerns and perspectives on pressing climate issues. This empowerment enabled them to actively engage in climate discussions and ensured that their valuable input is considered in decision-making processes related to environmental policies.

Network Building: LCOY India facilitated meaningful connections and collaborations among youth hailing from diverse backgrounds and regions. This network not only lays the foundation for future partnerships but also exposes youth to the inspiring and impactful work being undertaken by like-minded individuals. It allowed for the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices in the realm of climate action.

Skill Development: The event went beyond theoretical knowledge by providing practical opportunities for skill development. Youth participants engaged in workshops, discussions, hands-on activities, and field visits that equipped them with essential skills such as advocacy, effective communication, project management, and problem-solving. These skills are indispensable for driving tangible and effective climate action.

Advocacy and Policy Influence: LCOY India educated youth on how to advocate for climate-friendly policies at various levels of government and within international organizations. This knowledge empowers them to be effective advocates for change, ensuring their voices are heard in critical policy discussions.

In conclusion, LCOY India 2023 was a powerful platform that empowered youth for climate action. It imparted knowledge, honed skills, nurtured valuable networks, and furnished youth with the tools for advocacy. It served as an inspirational catalyst, motivating them to proactively address climate change and instilling a sense of agency among the younger generation in their pursuit of a sustainable and resilient future.

As we reflect on the impact of this event, one thing is clear: the youth are ready to lead, innovate, and drive change. We are the driving force behind climate action, and events like LCOY India 2023 empower us to transform our passion into action for a greener, more sustainable planet.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on youth engagement in climate action in the lead-up to COP28 on the Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform.


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