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Project WE: Special Session on SDG 13 at Azimpur Government Girls' School, Dhaka

Updated: Jan 19

By Zawad Alam

young girls at school holding climate action SDG signs

On April 4 2022, Project WE, led by YECAP Fellow Zawad Alam, conducted a special session on climate action at Azimpur Government Girls' School in Dhaka, Bangladesh to create environmental and climate awareness among seventh graders. With the aim of making the children aware of their responsibilities and duties towards the environment along with their studies, Zawad Alam, the project lead of Project WE, introduced and discussed the Sustainable Development Goal 13, Climate Action with them while keeping in mind the age and mental readiness of the youth.

After the discussion, the students gathered in groups to express their commitment and future steps to protect the environment and climate. Later on, the same activities were also conducted with the ninth graders.

Through the initiative named, "Project WE", Zawad Alam and a group of young people who are aware of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), work to turn the dreams that they have about the future world into reality. Project WE is a youth-led programme in which everyone who is connected wholeheartedly believes the overall development of the world can be ensured only if education and awareness as well as conservation of nature and ecology, and economic progress are harmonized.

young girls in classroom in Bangladesh holding climate action SDG signs

Project WE has already reached a large number of youth by publishing digital content, hosting workshops and sessions, arranging climate talks, podcasts, initiating quizzes, etc. Project WE is currently looking to expand their activities and network with children as they are the saviours of the future world. In the continuation to this, Project WE started to create climate awareness and appreciate the children's pledge towards the climate.

When asked to share the reason behind all these initiatives, Zawad Alam said, "As a team leader of Project WE, I always try to bring positive changes in the society and think of ideas which can have positive impacts on the process of making this Earth a better place. I believe now it's time to engage the children as well. Otherwise, we have to go through the most drastic consequences that we could never imagine."

Through these wonderful initiatives, Project WE wants climate awareness to reach every corner of the country, and every child to become a conscious global active citizen.

To learn more about Project WE, please click here.

Zawad Alam is a Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform (YECAP) Fellow.

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