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Third Session of YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Programme Empowers Young Climate Leaders

Updated: 4 days ago

That's a wrap for the third and final YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Session before the Asia-Pacific Climate Action Week

young people from different countries in Asia and the Pacific join an online climate training session

In a continuation of its commitment to nurturing and empowering young climate leaders, the Youth Empowerment in Climate Action Platform (YECAP) successfully conducted the third session of the YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Programme. The virtual event took place on 10 August 10 2023, bringing together a diverse group of young climate advocates and enthusiasts. This session aimed to explore the critical theme of "Capacity-Building" within the UNFCCC negotiation process, fostering an understanding of its significance and role in driving climate action.

The event kicked off with Opening Remarks by Andrea Camponogara, the Global RCC Lead based in Bonn, setting the tone for an engaging and enlightening session. This session was facilitated by Banashri Sinha, Senior Climate Change Specialist, RCC Asia-Pacific, who introduced the day's agenda, highlighting the key discussions and activities planned for the participants.

screenshot of an online event opening remarks session by a speaker

The session featured an insightful presentation on how Capacity-Building evolved as an agenda item in the UNFCCC COP negotiation process by Alejandro Kilpatrick, Manager, Capacity-Building Sub-division. Participants had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session, delving into various aspects of capacity-building's evolution, including the Constituted Bodies and Informal groups that are specific to Youth and diverse stakeholders. The discussion extended to how capacity-building is integral to the "Means of Implementation" and is interwoven into different areas of work. Attendees also gained insights from a successful example of negotiation on the PCCB Network negotiation, highlighting key elements that are useful for a successful negotiation.

screenshot of an online event training session with a speaker

A unique segment of the session allowed participants to present their case on the Needs and Gaps they identified. This 2-minute pitch session, led by Banashri Sinha, offered young professionals and climate enthusiasts a platform to share their insights and advocacy statements. This interactive exchange further enriched the dialogue and encouraged meaningful contributions.

Eva Vazques Costas shed light on the Youth4Capacity Initiative, sharing an overview of this impactful movement that resonates with young individuals globally. This initiative funded by the Government of Italy focuses on strengthening the capacities of young people while recognizing their crucial role as capacity-builders in achieving ambitious climate action

The event concluded with closing remarks by Benita Gurung, Regional Lead, RCC Asia-Pacific. She emphasized the collective responsibility of the youth in shaping climate policies and driving impactful actions.

The third and final session of the YECAP Climate Negotiator Training in the lead-up to the Asia-Pacific Climate Action Week in November, drew attention to the evolving landscape of capacity-building in the UNFCCC negotiation process. By offering a platform for discourse and exchange of insights, the event underscored the importance of equipping young climate leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to drive change. The engagement of youth in international, regional, and national climate negotiations was highlighted as a crucial step toward meaningful climate action.

The speakers also briefed the youth participants about several opportunities or events that take place at the APCW and COP28, including the PCCB Network events. Further information will be shared as we get closer to the events.


The YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Programme, in collaboration with YOUNGO, is a strategic initiative by RCC Asia-Pacific aimed at equipping young leaders with a comprehensive understanding of the UNFCCC negotiation process. The program is designed to enable these young individuals to contribute substantively to climate policies and initiatives while also fostering connections among youth from various regions. This initiative serves to promote youth-inclusive climate policies and to catalyze on-the-ground climate action.

Objectives of the Third Session

The third session of the YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Programme focused on Capacity-Building as a critical component of the UNFCCC negotiation process. Participants gained insights into how capacity-building has evolved as a topic over the years and its integration into various areas of climate work. The session also illuminated the role of various constituted bodies and informal groups in contributing to the overall UNFCCC COP Process. The discussion aimed to equip young climate advocates with the knowledge needed to engage meaningfully and effectively in climate-related policy development and implementation at local levels.

Engaging Discussions and Insights

During the session, participants engaged in insightful discussions addressing key questions and concerns related to capacity-building. The conversation revolved around the following themes:

Capacity Building for Climate Action: Participants discussed the crucial role of capacity-building in implementing the Paris Agreement and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing from their own experiences, they highlighted gaps and needs that must be addressed to enhance the impact of climate action on the ground.

Integration into National Strategies: The session emphasized the importance of integrating the outcomes and achievements of ongoing initiatives into countries' climate strategies and plans. Participants explored avenues for support that can facilitate the implementation process and enhance engagement, particularly among young entrepreneurs.

Role of Government and Non-Party Stakeholders: Participants deliberated on the contributions of government and non-party stakeholders in building and retaining the capacity of young people for effective engagement in climate-related policy development and local-level action. This collaborative approach aims to ensure a robust foundation for sustained climate advocacy.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The third session of the YECAP Climate Negotiator Training Programme highlighted the vital role of capacity-building in driving climate action and shaping policies. By equipping young climate leaders with knowledge and insights, the session contributes to the creation of a more resilient and sustainable future. As these passionate young individuals continue to engage, collaborate, and advocate for change, their collective efforts promise to drive meaningful impact in the fight against climate change.

For more information about the YECAP Climate Negotiator Training and training modules for self-learning, please visit the official webpage:


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